Surprise &  Delight bridges the gap between creative thinking and product design. We are a team of creative technologists, designing and making bespoke items for brands that create WOW.

  • Brand consultancies don’t know about product design & manufacturing
  • Engineers don’t understand brands needs, so don’t add value
  • Manufacturers don’t provide creative input, they just want the spec

We are as comfortable collaborating with marketing teams and their creative agencies as we are dealing with manufacturers. We understand the needs from both sides, a unique and valuable resource.

For small items, we say “ditch the catalogue!” For magical, physical experiences, we are the partner that knows how to make stuff, from ideas through to production.

"Brands who are looking for creative communications solutions are no longer just looking for advertising, in fact they don't even talk in those terms any more, They are looking for the whole brand experience which does of course include product design."

− Phil Thomas - CEO Cannes Lion

As well as offering a whole bunch of award winning product development skills we help to glue everything together, making sure projects are delivered seamlessly, on time and on budget.


It all starts here. Our team  help you come up with that killer idea tailored to your brand’s story that will grab customers attention.


We quickly visualise ideas for evaluation using a mixture of tools from good fashioned pen and paper to the latest 3D CAD.


We rapidly prototype, test and refine until the product is just right. Years of experience make sure that everything is rock solid and ready to go.


We manage production of the parts through one of our trusted supply partners. Everything is taken care of from setup, assembly to quality control.


We help arrange safe delivery of your shiny new products by land, sea or air.

"Our aim is to make your campaigns and marketing activities even more effective through designing physical things that surprise and delight. The spin off benefits are numerable, greater awareness, improve ad recall, increase impact, transmit engaging and enjoyable content and promote the benefits of participation."

Some of our creations.

From POS & direct mail giveaways to one off brand showcases.